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Zoom Workshop

28 MARCH | 12 NOON UK | 75 MINS

How do you communicate a vision of the future, so vivid and exciting
that it ignites passionate action within your organisation?

“Leadership is… having a vision and an opinion about the future.”

Whether you’re a new CxO, about to step into the C-Suite, a Scale-Up Founder, or a senior HR professional that supports your leadership team, STRATEGIC VISION is an essential capability.

Maybe you struggle to articulate a truly compelling vision that…

  • inspires your teams
  • attracts top talent
  • drives strategic decision-making

    Imagine, if you could confidently communicate a vision so compelling that it connects people to purpose and creates inspired engagement.

    That’s why I’m hosting this 75-minute intensive workshop, inviting you to play and create and get inspired to DREAM BIG.

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      Inside the workshop you’re invited to play and to share! You can’t be a passenger in your own leadership.

      Daydream. Create from possibility, not the past, and feel the impact of sharing and witnessing powerful stories.

      Creating from the future is courageous. This is edgework. There are thresholds to cross.

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      Workshop outcomes:

      • Unleash your creativity and leadership voice to paint a captivating picture of your organisation’s future
      • Identify critical elements of an aspirational vision
      • Craft a new vision statement that resonates with people
      • Identify the barriers you put up to dreaming and how to navigate them
      • Understand the impact you create and when you are at your most compelling

      Leave feeling:

      • Inspired to play more with storytelling
      • Appreciative of how your vision inspires and creates stronger connections
      • Excited by what’s possible when you intetionally create from the future, not the past.
      • Curious about the impact you can immediately create

      Absolutely recommend working with Duncan if you’re looking to prep for a CXO role.

      Few people challenge and engage like he does.

      It’s a personality trait backed up by genuine experience and I think that’s a great mix.

      Gary Butcher

      CTO, Apadmi Ltd.

      One benefit I took from working with Duncan?

      Authentic leadership, leading with clarity and staying true to who you are as a person when leading your team.

      Jenny Stjernströmer Björk

      Vice President Nordic Content, Netflix

      When you want to create something important and there’s a lot at stake I recommend you work with Duncan.

      He is direct, easy to engage with, practical, and drives real accountability.

      He hits the sweet-spot of digging into the underlying reasons combined with practical coaching to effect change. It’s a hard balance to get right, and he does.

      Jeremy Burton

      CEO | Co-Founder | Managing Partner, Platform Venture Studio

      I’m Duncan Skelton, Executive Leadership Coach to global leaders in technology.

      I’ve built engineering groups from the ground up inside Google. I’ve taken lead on their flagship leadership development programs.

      I’m a rock climber, adventurer and endurance athlete.

      I know how to partner with people, manage fear, and evoke high performance.

      I work with people who dream so big they know success will require personal transformation.

      Ready to lead?

      Duncan has the ability to build rapport and a very close connection in a very fast time. His empathy and understanding of people is absolutely superb. His capabilities to listen, understand, build connection and then ask the right questions for you to make impact on your leadership behavior is outstanding. I benefitted a lot from Duncan’s coaching tremendously. I can only highly recommend him for anyone who wants to make a difference in their career.

      Matthias Kasprowicz

      CEO, Tecon Limited, Dubai

      Duncan is a guru at active listening & coaching— so if you are willing to be open, real and vulnerable, he is extremely precise in helping you find and hone the areas of development and behavior that will be the most transformative for the better.

      I’ve had experience with executive coaches before, and his sense of empathy is unparalleled, but he doesn’t shy away from holding a mirror to you, so you can see a very honest reflection of yourself and what’s potentially limiting you.

      Stephanie Sun

      Product Director, Netflix

      Working with Duncan as a trusted thinking partner brings focus and helps unpack issues that feel complex.

      Although challenging, it was always a pleasure having sessions with Duncan. I absolutely recommend his coaching

      Boudewijn Docter

      CGO | Co-Founder | Venture Builder | Fundraiser, EFFECT Photonics | HighTechXL