Make a list of all the adventures you dare to dream.

Doing your best work

My coaching clients create extraordinary outcomes.

A few are founders and co-founders, building impactful businesses around their vision. Several are successful corporate CEOs and CXOs. One is a high net worth individual. One is an award winning author. Two are endurance athletes and one is a full-time adventurer.

I’ve coached amazing people inside Silicon Valley tech giants, startups, scaleups, FTSE100 companies and government.

One characteristic they all share is they access their best thinking supported by a trusted thinking partner.

When they need a collaborator I’m the person they call.

Each year I partner 1:1 with global leaders as their Trusted Thinking Partner and I focus my attention on just 5 partnerships a year.

To climb is to be seen

Every significant undertaking requires teamwork and partnership. And what holds that together is commitment (to the desired outcome) and trust in your partners.

I learned this climbing vertical rock faces around the world over 28 years. From epic aid climbs on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, to the tidal sea cliffs of the UK; from pre-dawn roped glacial crossings in the Alps to to the multi-pitch soaring limestone towers of Mexico.

To physically tie on to a rope with someone and have them hold your ropes, as you step into uncertainty, is to trust— that they will hold your fall, know your preferences, your limits, your gaps and see what is truly possible for you.

To climb — to partner with me  is to be seen, for all of who you are — from your most fearful, when panic rises up from deep, to your magnificent best when you flow effortlessly.

Climber traverses to the belay ledge on Valkyrie, VS 4c.

In search of B-prime

When most people daydream they picture some version of what they already know. Getting from today’s point A to a future point B likely results in creating something familiar, incrementally better.

When you dare to really dream, my wish for you is to end up at a point B that is better than you can possibly imagine today— B-prime. To embark on the quest for B-prime is to go on an adventure. (“The World Needs Dreamers“)

My biggest adventures have all been supported by trusted partners who held me larger than I was able to hold myself— partners who held my ropes.

  • leading a rock climbing expedition in North America
  • Completing my hardest sport and trad’ climbing routes
  • Completing 10 marathons with 8 PB’s and breaking 3:30:00 most recently
  • Leading Google’s flagship internal leadership development program for emerging leaders
  • Moving from the UK to the US to lead a team inside a Silicon Valley tech giant
  • Building a research project of 6 people into a multi-platform product launch from an org of 50+ inside Google

As your Trusted Thinking Partner I challenge and provoke your greatness.

Are you ready to tie-on?

Who is this for?

A trusted thinking partnership is for you if…

  • you have a track record of success
  • with each success you feel deflated because you know can do more
  • there’s a lot at stake (it’s important work)
  • you dare to want more
  • and what you really want for is something better than you can imagine today

How it works

  1. 6 to 12 months of bespoke 1:1 personal coaching
  2. Up to 4 hours scheduled coaching each month, on
  3. Unlimited laser coaching as required
  4. Recordings and transcripts available on request
  5. A dedicated WhatsApp number
  6. Ongoing feedback and recommended additional resources

If you’re looking to go all-in on an important adventure and you need someone you trust to hold ropes then apply below. Drop me an email and share some details. Let’s see if we are well matched.

What Clients Say

Working with Duncan as a trusted thinking partner brings focus and helps unpack issues that feel complex.

Although challenging, it was always a pleasure having sessions with Duncan. I absolutely recommend his coaching

Boudewijn Docter

CGO | Co-Founder | Venture Builder | Fundraiser, EFFECT Photonics | HighTechXL

I was able to navigate a challenging transition by engaging Duncan as a trusted thinking partner. I emerged with more self-belief and newfound confidence in my future.

His curiosity helped me explore my thinking and his provocations helped me see and create new possibilities.

When what you need most is a trusted thinking partner I highly recommend working with him.

Narjiss Drissi

Africa Managing Director, General Electric