I’ve written previously on how to reframe difficult conversations. It’s a question I commonly hear from new leaders and managers. So I’ve created self-study workbook to get you started on reframing your next crucial conversation.

Good communication skills are a requisite of leadership. And these skills are tested most when we find ourselves faced with difficult or scary conversations.

Difficult conversations are crucial conversations to get right. But too often it’s tempting to ignore, appease or escape. In short, we pretend, and just hope things work themselves out.

But how we deal with crucial conversations is an indicator of our leadership capability – the extent of our influence, the behaviours we promote, the psychological safety we project.

I used the workbook to prepare for a difficult conversation with a team member, and found a new perspective, getting real clarity on my purpose. Thank you.


Engineering Manager

Please send me a message to let me know if the workbook helps you reframe your next crucial conversation.

If you experience anxiety at the prospect of a difficult conversation, take comfort that you are not alone. Research shows a majority of managers do. Conversations that I’ve struggled with include…

  • Dismissing staff for misconduct
  • Terminating probationary staff
  • Cancelling active projects
  • Disbanding teams
  • Giving low performance reviews
  • Intervening in interpersonal conflicts
  • Giving hard feedback up the chain
  • Handing in my resignation
  • Asking for a pay rise

My wish for you is to feel more confidence and less stress, and to tackle your next crucial conversation with purpose and belief.

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