How good is you leadership?

Here’s the thing— you don’t get to answer that question. It’s the people on the receiving end of your leadership that get to say where you’re at.

Lift and Thrust

What’s working. What’s not landing. Where are you being lifty and thrusty and where are you creating weight and drag?

How do you see what’s in your blind spots and discover the internally generated interference that gets in your own way. Which thresholds are holding you back from realizing your leadership potential?

LEAP combines the globally recognized stakeholder-centered coaching from Marshall Goldsmith (“What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”) with my signature coaching to have you connect powerfully with your essence and lead with authenticity. 

“Leaders don’t need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop.”

— Marshall Goldsmith

Authentic Leadership Model

You’ll leap straight into the waters by creating your own Authentic Leadership Model to guide your journey.

Then you enroll the ongoing support of a small group of stakeholders to serve you actionable feedback.

Working at the Edges

This stakeholder-centered coaching program delivers measurable leadership growth through ongoing cycles of Action Learning.

Over 6 or 12 months you’ll engage in real edge-work

  • get real ongoing feedback from key stakeholders
  • share your leadership development for full transparency
  • engage stakeholders in assessing your growth

Take the LEAP

The truth is this work isn’t for everyone. You absolutely will be working day to day in the stretch zone. It might be for you if

  • you’re all in on commitment
  • there’s a lot at stake
  • you have a truly growth mindset
  • you believe courage is being seen to be vulnerable
  • you’re willing to experiment in service creating better outcomes
  • you value authenticity and continual learning

If you’re looking to expand your leadership impact and are ready to commit to some discomfort then apply below. Drop me an email and share some details. Let’s see if we are well matched.