Today I enjoyed a day away from the tarmac – a recovery day ahead of a hard training run tomorrow. There’s a long and exciting road ahead to the London marathon.

The image above is a fitting metaphor as a I reflect on the distance I’ve come as a coach. And just like the London marathon I’m invigorated by the miles that lay ahead of me.

Today I reach a milestone in my development as an executive coach. I was in Newbury working, learning and coaching alongside amazing people with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Tomorrow I’ll be back in our capital city again running the streets and sharing time with another group of equally inspiring folks. This time at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) continuing the Co-Active coaching journey.


These last few months I’ve been way outside of my comfort zone. From leaving an extraordinary job to moving country and finding a new home; launching a new career in a new industry to processing an identity crisis.


Training for and running 3 marathons through this time really helped. It helped me keep focus, create space to process it all, and re-energize me. I’m in pursuit of big goals and a bold vision of the future.

Along the way I’m learning lots about myself and developing clarity on my values. I’ve not felt so far out of my comfort zone for a quite some time. And I’m excited by what is going to happen.


SeeRunLove is my Instagram account; the place I hold myself accountable for my running goals. But more than running, SeeRunLove is the bar that I set in all areas of life and the challenge I offer people I work with.

Dare greatly, be your amazing self, amplify your impact!

I’ll share more in coming posts about what SeeRunLove means to me and how it show up in my coaching.