A 3-month high-flame structured coaching intensive. Specifically created to get immediate traction on your most important work. Laser coaching creates clarity and a deep connection to your goal.

“Get immediate traction on your most important work”

Escape Velocity

Starting is hard. Physics is against you.

Building positive habits and establishing new behaviors is challenging.

It requires focus and effort to escape the gravitational pull of years of programming and un-inspected beliefs. You must burn a lot of fuel to achieve escape velocity.

And when you do, the sub-optimal outcomes of your prior attempts – the familiar and the easy – are constantly acting to pull you off course.

I’ve worked 1:1 with over 300 leaders from places like Google, Spotify, Netflix, CapGemini, Roche, Gov.UK and the BBC. When they successfully engage in building new habits and behaviors there are two characteristics I see them all share.

CLARITY — clarity over the specific outcomes they are seeking. You cannot be on a path when you’re not clear on your destination. You’re just drifting.

CONNECTION — a deep, multi-layered sense of relationship to the importance of the work. If you’re going to escape the pull of your established patterns then connection to purpose is the fuel you need to push past your thresholds.

Levels of creation

I’ve written previously on why the goal is not the goal. It seems to me that the goals we set ourselves are lag measures for the kind of person we want to be day-to-day. The likelihood of successfully building new habits and behaviours increases massively the more levels of creation you build from.

The structured approach to Connected-Clarity will have you work from multiple levels (eg, environment, beliefs, identity) concurrently. 


I’ve brought the combined experiences of my clients and my own professional and personal career together to build the Connected-Clarity coaching intensive.

“Get immediate traction on your most important work”

Connected-Clarity is a structured 3-month high-flame coaching intensive designed specifically for you to get immediate traction on your most important work.

What’s involved…

  • 3 month program of intensive coaching
  • initial 2 hour structured deep dive
  • personal field guide with models and frameworks
  • weekly 15 minute hot-seat laser coaching
  • monthly 1 hour review

If you’re looking to get immediate traction on your most important goals then apply below. Drop me an email and share some details. Let’s see if we are well matched.