Co-Active Certification Mentor Coaching Program

Coaching and Mentoring for Coaches in CTI Certification

Hello amazing Coach. I see you.

You’re looking to continue on your Co-Active path to CPCC.

I’m here to hold your ropes and help you create something better than you can imagine today.


Why Might You Partner with Me?

Who am I to mentor certification students?

My love for Co-Activity has me continue to Tech Host CTI’s virtual classes in both public and corporate spaces.

From Fundamentals to Synergy, I’ve hosted over 35 CTI courses as part of the leadership team. It’s in my bones.

My Executive Coaching practice is 5 years old. Last year I coached 178 different senior leaders who work at places like Google, Spotify, Netflix, Meta, CapGemini, Pepsi Co., Roche, Gov.UK and the BBC to name a few.

As a rock climber I know how to partner with others, manage fear and anxiety, and help them access their very best performances.

How we work together…

1. Let’s Get Connected

Free to any coach considering CTI Certification

It’s a requirement of certification that you retain your own PCC/MCC, CPCC coach What perspective do you choose to hold?

    • Another box-ticking sunk cost?
    • A sea of opportunity?
    • A chance to partner in a dream so big that you know it will require personal transformation?

    In this 45-minute call we’ll explore what we might create together and discover if we make strong climbing partners.

    2. Pre-Certification Dream Session


    Our initial discovery establishes the foundation for our partnership.

    You’ll create clarity around the dream you hold for yourself and experience a more embodied connection to what’s important here.

    And we’ll get you geared up, ready to take lead on your certification experience.

    3. Monthly Coaching

    6-months mentor coaching

    What parts of me do you want me to bring? We’ll design together what best serves you through this process.

    Often it’s a blend of Co-Active coaching, mentoring, Q&A, brainstorming and real coaching play (you coach me) with feedback.

    You’ll experience 6 months of coaching, with me holding your ropes; holding space for you and your (A/a)genda.

    Being a client yourself is a powerful way to discover how you can best serve your own coachees.

    Ready to climb?

    4. Bonus Oral Exam Prep Session

    Review, Remind, Reset

    Your POD calls are done. Supervision has surfaced new wisdom. You’ve logged 100 qualifying coaching hours!

    You’ve come a long way and now the final step awaits.

    The space between program completion and your oral exam can be weeks or months. Marathon runners call this strange time the taper.

    This bonus session is designed to remind you of the awesome coach that you already are, and to get your final prep sorted with confidence to rock the exam.


    What people are saying…

    I had the pleasure of working with Duncan as my coach and mentor during my CTI certification journey.

    Duncan is a curious and engaged coach. He has a deep understanding of the CTI principles, and is able to demonstrate them in a way that made them easy to understand and apply.

    Duncan is a great listener. He helped me to navigate the challenges of the CTI certification process, and was there to celebrate my successes.

    In addition to his professional skills, Duncan is a warm and personable individual. He is passionate about his work, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to help his coachees succeed. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

    Shanta Lahiri

    Senior Manager | Executive Coach, Google

    Ready to Connect?

    If you are, or will be, core curriculum alumni and looking for a certification mentor coach, schedule a connection call below.