Strong leadership requires, first and foremost, great self-leadership. And a key quality of self-leadership is the ability to develop beneficial habits and routines (whilst shedding detrimental ones).

Today I went for a run and it was a milestone. After more then 5 weeks without running or exercising at all it marks the start of a new 4 month training cycle for a marathon. It’s the start of a whole new set of routines.

I know from experience that it’s a huge commitment, not just for me, but my family too.

This one’s going to be a tough training cycle and not  just because it’s over the winter. My motivation for training has changed enormously over the last 5 years since I started running marathons.

I absolutely believe that success is built on the back of rock solid routines and habits. And sustaining good habits and healthy behaviours over the long term has to come from somewhere deep. That source has to be purpose. The Why.

So what new habits do you want to work on, and why?

Let me know in the comments, and chip in if you have questions around how to support and maintain new habits.